3 Steps to a DIY Mother's Day Gift Hamper with Basketly

3 Steps to a DIY Mother's Day Gift Hamper with Basketly

Mother's Day is a special day to to celebrate those wonderful women in our lives who have helped us or supported us in the way that mums would. 

At Basketly, we are all about looking at more affordable options, and a good DIY saving wherever we can, so we thought we would share some ideas on how to put together your own gift hamper this Mother's Day. 

Baskets are a sustainable way for gifting, and we have the perfect collection of baskets that will suit any style or home decor. Choose your favourite basket and then start adding your selected items to the basket. You can choose to add a bow or ribbon or just add a handwritten card in there to personalise it. 

Step 1: Select your basket or bag style, size and colour.

1. Style: Think of the person you are gifting the gift basket to and where they would be able to use your selected basket in their home. You want it to be practical and not add to clutter, so have a think if they will re-use it for a plant basket, a blanket basket, for a storage basket in the cupboard, a bowl for the coffee table or maybe a bag they can re-use for their shopping.
2. Size: Most of our baskets come in a couple of sizes, so think of the space they can re-use the basket in. It's best to determine before you select your basket, on how many items you want to add into the gift basket as this will determine the size you will need. 
3. Colour: When it comes to choosing a colour, we have a couple options ranging from Natural, Black, Grey or White baskets. We also have a basket with a pop of Blue which is great to add some life to a space. Reflect on what their home decor looks like and what will suit best. 

Pictured: Natural Basket with Hemp Handle


Step 2: Select your items for your gift hamper

This is the fun part, decide whether you’d like to create a hamper with items that are practical, personal, fun, filled with snacks, for pampering or just a collection of things you know they would love. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Gourmet Snacks Gift Hamper: Does your Mum/ Mum figure love to snack on delicious treats? This a great time to buy her a collection of her favourite snacks, or level up and go for the more gourmet version of the snacks she likes most. Think chocolates, flavoured popcorn, a bottle of her favourite Prosecco and coated or flavoured nuts. There is such a wide variety and you can do this on a budget as well. 

  2. Fresh or Dried Flowers: There is nothing quite as special as a beautiful bouquet of fresh or dried flowers. Our baskets and bags work perfectly with dried or fresh flower arrangements. You can go foraging for Eucalyptus leaves or any fresh flowers currently in Season, or splash out and go buy a bunch. We love dried flower arrangements as they last so much longer and still add a touch of nature to your home space. 

  3. Beauty Pamper Pack: Mother’s Day is most certainly the best day to gift a pamper pack for her to treat herself with. It can be tricky as some people have certain beauty products they prefer, but try to make it easy and choose universal items such as body cream, bubble bath products, eye masks, sponges or head bands and add a beautiful scented candle to create a relaxing mood. Keep a theme going for example, add coconut cream and a coconut scented candle, otherwise it may get a bit overwhelming if you mix too many scents.

  4. Bits and Bops mixed gift hamper: You can also put together a gift basket to be used on the day or one filled with thoughtful and personalised items.
    On the day: Think of adding freshly baked goods, condiments and a box of delicious tea leaves or a bag of coffee. It can then be used on the day. 
    Thoughtful or personalised items:
    Maybe they have been talking about a blanket basket for next to the couch. You can buy a cosy blanket and maybe add a pair of slippers to add comfort and place these into the basket that can then be used next to the couch.
    Do you love making your own gifts?
    You can get creative and add your pottery coffee cup you made at your last pottery class, or you can draw or paint a canvas or just get creative and make your own card. Whatever your go-to craft is, think about how you can add a special touch and add that to the basket. We know a mother loves a gift with meaning.


Step 3: Assemble and deliver with love!


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